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THE FREE BIRD is a platform for the curious and courageous to challenge the status quo, cultivate higher perspectives, and inspire positive change, starting with our own lives. It exists above rigid political ideologies and religious dogma, recognizing that common ground can be forged with anyone with the call of freedom in their hearts. THE FREE BIRD celebrates the revolutionary power of individuals to choose a new path for themselves and for humanity, based on peace, respect, and autonomy for all.

I am a writer, researcher, and explorer in love with all that is beautiful and free. My goal is to stimulate curiosity and personal expansion through compelling communication, the exchange of new ideas and perspectives, and the asking of provocative questions. I do this to shine a light on the forces that seek to subjugate us through fear and control, so that we can choose a brighter future. If even one of you leaves this site more informed and feeling more empowered, creative, and emboldened, I will deem it a success. I appreciate your willingness to think critically, ask probing questions, and open your minds to different perspectives. In making up our own minds, we claim our sovereignty.

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