What’s Consciousness Got To Do With It?

More than we might think and that’s good news. Higher consciousness can accelerate UFO disclosure and create positive ET experiences for those who believe it is possible.

Carolyn Brouillard
“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~ Lao Tzu

Sometimes you can sense a tension in the UFO community between those more interested in the nuts and bolts of spacecraft and security risks of potential contact and those who come to the discussion of UFOs and extraterrestrials with a metaphysical or consciousness lens. The tension often has the appearance of pitting facts against belief, science against spirituality, and even masculine against feminine.

Most people with a more metaphysical leaning readily embrace the evidence of UFO sightings. After all, who doesn’t love data? But it seems less common for those approaching this with a “give us the hard facts” attitude to be open to considering the larger metaphysical context. Or perhaps they simply haven’t encountered it before in a digestible way. While everyone is free to choose what they believe, there are some beliefs that can lead to a more expansive view and those that can limit our perspective. I’m an advocate for the more expansive view.

That said, my goal is not to proselytize or convince you that what I say is THE TRUTH. I simply want to share a little of what resonates as true for me now based on what I have learned from years of study, contemplation, and discourse. Below I offer an alternative, broader context for thinking about the implications of disclosure and eventual ET contact. This context creates space for optimism and empowerment, while not dispelling legitimate concerns. If there is one thing I would hope you walk away with, dear reader, it is that you realize that there is nothing to fear — we are more powerful than we know. What feels true for you in this moment might be different but I entreat you to read with an open mind and inquisitive spirit.

Let me tell you a story

In the beginning there was a force of pure love energy. You can call it Source, Spirit, Universe, God, or any other word that represents that creative power to you. Source dispersed its own energy to create all of us, all of those we would call extraterrestrials, and everything else in existence, so that it could have an experience of itself in endless forms. As aspects of Source, we are energy with consciousness, where consciousness is really just the awareness of the Source that we are.

Though beyond our human perception, we are eternal beings, existing beyond time and space in a non-physical state as pure consciousness. Like our creator, we dispersed our energy to have a multitude of experiences across different dimensions and planes of existence. We do this for the thrill and joy of creation, evolution, and expansion. The particular experience of the consciousness reading these words is that of human on Earth. The original aspect of us, sometimes called higher self or soul, focused its energy into material form to have this human experience. This is one of many simultaneous incarnations or soul expressions.

What makes the human experience different and exciting is that we are focusing our energy into a density within the third dimension that gives us amnesia as to the eternal creator beings that we are. We enter a plane of existence of limited perception, where we identify with the humanness of our experience, as opposed to our divine nature, which is limitless. The third dimension is characterized by polarity (black vs. white, good vs. bad), judgment, doubt, and fear. These have been the conditions for war, inequality, manipulation, and control. It didn’t need to be that way, but that is what the human collective chose.

Despite our human form, we all are imbued with the freedom and power to create the life experience we want to have. We choose through our thoughts, which affect our emotions, which determine how we feel, which drives what we will experience in our physical reality. The mechanism through which this happens is rooted in quantum physics. As Nikola Tesla famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And to quote my mentors, “Everything is frequency.”

Like Source, we are beings of frequency. Unlike Source, which resides at the frequency of pure love, we radiate lots of different frequencies based on the beliefs we hold. There are higher and lower frequencies or vibrations, where higher frequencies are things like gratitude, love, and compassion and lower frequencies include anger, fear, and worry. Through our thoughts and the actions that result from them, we create dominant frequencies that shape our experience of the world around us. It is when there is sufficient resonance with a frequency to build amplitude that things come into materiality.

Neuroscience is catching up to this idea, explaining that the brain creates its own experience of reality in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Essentially, we start with a belief or conclusion, like I am unlovable or People are mean. Then our brain looks to the world around us to gather evidence to prove the conclusion is correct. With our conclusion appearing valid, we behave as if it were true, such as guarding ourselves or hurting others before they can hurt us. This sets the stage for how others will behave in response to us, which offers more evidence of our original conclusion. This is how patterns form. To break the pattern, we need to change our beliefs, often those about ourselves.

Another way to say this is that the quantum field is mimicking our frequency, reflecting back to us the frequency we are truly emanating. This is our power as divine beings. Through our thoughts, intentions, emotions, and actions we set the infinite particles of creation into motion to deliver us an experience that resides at the same frequency, that is a match for what we are putting out. We don’t need to believe in this for it to happen — it’s automatic.

As humans, we don’t have the visibility to see the details of our creation in advance — the who, what, when, or how— but that is what makes this plane of existence so exciting. In our natural state all is known. Here we get to play with not knowing. And yet, while the form is unknown, when we practice astute self-awareness and deliberately choose the beliefs we want to have and release those we don’t, we can know the quality of the experiences we will have.

The process of awakening or ascension is coming into awareness of ourselves as divine and eternal — as energy with consciousness having a human experience — imbued with the full freedom and creative powers of the Source that brought us into being. It is seeing ourselves as limitless, knowing not only that we are so much more than this human vessel, but that we are the architects and builders of our life. How beautiful and joyous those lives are is a matter of consciousness, which is fully determined by each one of us. As we come into this knowing, we leave behind the third dimension of polarity and enter the fifth dimension of love and unity.

It is worth expounding on dimensions for a moment. There are 12 dimensions, which are understood to be bands of frequencies, each accommodating a certain range of experiences and abilities. Only things that are compatible with that frequency band can exist there. This is what makes the Earth’s transition to the fifth dimension so welcome. The more of us that elevate our consciousness, embracing love, compassion, and freedom, the less possible it is for structures of control, fear, and manipulation to exist. For when we see ourselves as divine and limitless, we are no longer afraid and anything that relies on our fear to survive has to fall away. That could include any hostile ETs. These things may continue to exist in the third dimension but those of us who move into the fifth won’t be there.

We are being helped in our transition to the fifth dimension by supportive energies engulfing our planet. Scientists recognize that our solar system moves through space. Starting in 2012, Earth began intersecting an area of space with high photonic energy — fifth dimensional energies. The changes this brings are profound, including more and more people asking questions and waking up. As part of this shift into higher consciousness, we are able to perceive things previously hidden from us, be that government secrets or multidimensional phenomena. Fifth dimensional energies bring things to light to be dealt with so a choice can be made. That is part of why the world is so messy right now. It is harder for truths to stay hidden. It is also where innovation and new lines of thought can flourish.

So, what does this have to do with UFOs and ETs?

The simple answer is everything. But for purposes of this article, I will focus on two main points.

First, We are drawing disclosure to ourselves. As the fifth dimensional energies take hold and more and more people wake up, there is both a tendency for information to come out (thank you courageous whistle-blowers and leakers!), and greater openness on the part of others to receive the information and consider it thoughtfully. This forms a kind of positive feedback loop. The more awareness and curiosity is created and the more people focus on wanting answers, the greater the frequential resonance and amplitude, which will bring that information to us. But we have to really want it and hold a high frequency around it. With a higher frequency, we can also expect sightings to increase because more people will be at the frequency where they can perceive them.

Whatever frequency someone holds will determine what they think is true and how they will experience it. This is true of disclosure, ET contact, and anything else. Those prone to see themselves as weak, powerless, or victims will draw to themselves an experience that confirms that for them. We tend to attract what we fear. Those who approach this from higher consciousness can expect to have an experience that mirrors those beliefs. Again, that is how frequency works. It doesn’t mean someone at a higher frequency may not observe some lower frequency events, but it doesn’t need to drive their personal experience. We can see that “bad” things are happening in the world and work toward something better without it negatively impacting our life. This is one reason why we don’t need to fear what may come. Consciousness is our ticket to a more positive personal experience, which feeds that higher frequency to the collective. The question becomes: What type of experience do you want to have? What do you want to contribute to the collective?

Second, whatever beings we encounter are, at a divine level, the same as us. We are all aspects of Source, all energy with consciousness, all part of the same whole. We are approaching a time when our human projection or hologram may interact with a hologram of another shape and size, but we are all fundamentally the same, made up of the same divine love energy. There may be those wearing different costumes and exploring different experiences that we might view as negative, but there is only love. The same is true of our fellow humans, even those who we find most detestable.

Let us talk about those unfriendly ETs for a moment. As I suggested in another article, humans are not the only ones having experiences in the lower dimensions. Because we share the lower frequencies of fear, control, and manipulation, other civilizations who thrive off those frequencies can exist here and energetically interact with us. We are even at a bit of a disadvantage, as not all beings residing in lower dimensions have chosen an experience of forgetting our divinity like we have, which makes us easier to manipulate. This is legitimately concerning and worthy of caution and critical thinking. However, it is not a reason to be afraid or to cower.

Remember, we are all Source. We can meet whoever shows up on equal footing. They may have more advanced technology and intimidate us with their form, but we are imbued with the same freedom, sovereignty, and self-determination as they are. We get to decide what experience we want for ourselves and for our human collective. They can’t control, manipulate, or destroy us without our cooperation and consent. You might say, “Well, I would never consent to that.” On a conscious level, no one would. But deep unconscious beliefs of not wanting to take full responsibility for our lives or thinking we are less powerful or intelligent could be be that vibrational invitation.

The good news is that whatever advantage another civilization may have evaporates once we wake up to who and what we really are and claim our power. It is why it is said that we will not leave behind the old world by fighting against it or overthrowing it, but by no longer participating in it. When we stop going into resonance with fear, control, and manipulation, nothing that resides at those frequencies can touch us. They simply stop being part of our experience. How quick and messy a process that is will be decided by us based on our frequency.

Let us quickly talk about the “friendlies.” There are those in the highest dimensions, existing in non-physical form, who come through to assist us because they love us, they understand we are all connected, and they want to see freedom honored across all of existence. There are others closer in consciousness to us and still in physical form who also want to help. Occasionally we see some of their ships. The primary form of assistance our galactic friends offer is helping us raise our consciousness. Think about why this helps. If everyone woke up today full of genuine love, compassion, and goodwill, what might the world look like? What if it was 1% of people today, 5% tomorrow, 10% the next day, until the momentum got so large as to change the entire experience on this planet?

Those of us who hold these beliefs and aspirations are often accused of being naive, ignorant, or even delusional. But it is accepting the illusory nature of our human reality that allows us to see things closer to how they really are. It is in understanding how consciousness moves energy into form and how to work with the physics principles we operate under that we transform individually and collectively in the direction of something better. That is why consciousness matters. It is not about vectoring in ET craft to our little square of Earth to delight us with flashing lights (though that is fun), but more fully experiencing the freedom and joy innately available to us. Consciousness is the key to the world we want to create. And it already exists within us, just waiting to be taken higher.

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