Where I Stand

A brief guide to what I believe about the world

Carolyn Brouillard

It is time for a heart-to-heart. To my delight, I have changed a lot in the last two to three years. As is the nature of growth, some things that once resonated with me no longer do, while different things have come in to take their place. While incredibly rewarding, I'm increasingly finding myself ahead of or apart from the masses, holding thoughts and beliefs that are contrary to mainstream narratives and prevailing perspectives. This doesn't make me special or righteous but it does make me vulnerable to judgment and criticism.

It is worth it to me. I cannot both have integrity and censor myself out of fear of what other people think. I cannot release my limited thinking and judgments by accommodating those of others. I cannot both shine my light and hide certain parts of me. I will not abandon my calling, turn a blind eye, or shirk my responsibilities to the human collective for the sake of fitting in with what is no longer a good fit for me. I will stay in alignment with my most deeply held truths.

As I navigate this occasionally uncomfortable place of speaking more boldly, it feels right to provide a little context on where I am coming from. Let me be open and clear cut about where I stand, starting with this: I don't need you to agree with me to be your friend. I am not here to force my beliefs on people, convince anyone of anything, or judge anyone for what they choose to believe. While there are facets of our reality that affect us all, we each get to decide what information we allow into our lives and what we do with it, at our own pace. We create our reality.

For anyone who is curious, here are the core beliefs that are most relevant to my current work and philosophy on life.

1. There is so much more to us than these human bodies.

We are energy with consciousness--divine, eternal, expanding, and here on Earth for the wonders of the human experience. As energetic, multidimensional beings, we are limitless yet always connected to the loving oneness of all-that-is. When we choose a human incarnation, we do not stop being divine, but we do enter lower dimensions of consciousness characterized by limited perception. Enlightenment or ascension is the process of elevating ourselves beyond those limited human perceptions by remembering and experiencing ourselves as who and what we really are. This remembering is why we are all here. We are sharing the human experience as playmates and peers no matter the costumes we might wear and the roles we might play. There is only love.

2. We are creators within our own creation, imbued with total freedom.

What appears in our life is the direct result of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, as governed by the immutable laws of frequency and quantum physics. This means that we have full responsibility for what manifests in our life and are not in subjugation to any outside forces. This doesn't mean that we have consciously asked for or willed "bad" things to happen to us, but we are carrying a frequency that makes them possible, otherwise they could not appear in our reality. The same is true of the "good" stuff. With full responsibility comes the power to change anything and everything in our experience through mastering our energy and our thoughts. This autonomy and creative ability is granted to each of us equally by our creator, which delights in our varied experiences and does not judge us for the choices we make. There are just frequencies (and their consequences) that move us closer to joy and love and those that don't. The choice is ours. There is no god judging us, no heaven or hell, and no saviors coming to fix our lives for us.

3. We have collectively abdicated our authority to structures of control.

There are those who have a vested interest in preventing us from knowing our true power and inherent freedom. Through religion, education, government, and mass media (among others), we are programmed, practically from birth, in lack, limitation, and separation, which gives rise to fear and self-doubt, making us easier to manipulate and control. These control structures exist to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the very few, often referred to as the Deep State, Secret Societies, or the Cabal. That the richest 1% has more money than the total wealth of the 99% is not accidental or coincidental. It is a consequence of a long-running, deliberate plan.

These interests founded or have infiltrated key sectors of our society, including but not limited to financial institutions, large corporations, NGOs and scientific bodies, and governments (including both U.S. political parties). Despite the veneer, they all serve the same masters. We cling to these control structures out of an illusion of safety and security, peer pressure to conform, lack of imagination, and unwillingness to see and confront what is really going on behind the scenes, some of which is truly heinous and horrific, as is starting to be revealed.

4. The mainstream media is propaganda posing as news.

Nearly all news, media, and entertainment companies are owned by two institutional investment companies, which are owned by the world's wealthiest families. The primary obligation and loyalty of these media companies is to make money for their shareholders, not to tell the public the truth. The news media deliberately shapes public opinion, spreads lies and misinformation, fosters fear, and works with other interests to censor dissent and promote division, all in service to their totalitarian agendas. All for-profit news organizations and publications are compromised in some way, including those that are considered more balanced and objective. They give us just enough to make us think we are seeing an honest reflection of the world, but the vast majority is entertainment at best and propaganda spin and mind control at worst.

5. We are at a pivotal point in human evolution.

The reason we are seeing so much chaos and turmoil in the world is because we are participating in the beginning of the demise of the control structures and the creation of a more loving, compassionate, just, and egalitarian world. What was once largely hidden or obscured is starting to come to light, such that more people are seeing the contrast between the world we've wrought through our fear and submission and the future we want. Through covid restrictions, mass injections, mass surveillance, and other attacks and violations, we are witnessing the culmination of the Deep State's plans to keep the masses afraid and asleep so they can take the rights we have left and render us slaves to their economic system of control without most people even realizing it.

The problem for them is that more and more people are waking up. As we elevate our individual and thus collective consciousness, the fear tactics and manipulation no longer work on us because we are no longer as limited in our perceptions. We see ourselves as powerful divine creators, connect more deeply with love and compassion, and want greater potentials for humanity. We stop feeding the powers-that-be the fear and hatred that they need to survive and turn our attention toward creating the new. This is why consciousness is the key. Waiting for those in power to relinquish their control is a fool's errand. We need to reclaim our sovereignty, stop participating in our oppression, and deliberately choose the future we want for ourselves.

6. There are other civilizations here to help.

We are not doing this alone. While our liberation is ours to win, we have the support of those who were involved in the creation of this planet and the human species. They monitor our world, selectively interact with us, and send us energies to aid in our awakening. We are approaching the time when their presence will be widely known. While not all galactic races have our best interest at heart (there are those collaborating with the Cabal), the vast majority here are benevolent and also stand to benefit from the eradication of fear and violence on Earth, because we are all connected in existence.

Tolerance and acceptance are the hallmarks of a better world and I am doing my best to extend them to everyone. We are all on our own path, proceeding at our own pace, and doing the best we can from the level of consciousness we are at. That said, tolerance is not the same as resonance. Where there is a lack of resonance, relationships will eventually fall away. Again, that is physics. To any of you reading this who feel like my view of the world puts us too far out of sync, it is ok. I may miss you but we are simply accelerating what would naturally happen anyway. With love and grace, I thank you for being in my life up to this point and wish you well. For those of you who have enough in common with me, particularly a desire for a more peaceful and loving world, I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your life.